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with digital innovation.

Productivity by Design

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Ideating the next new to drive growth.

Asset Optimisation

Audit all the assets including licenses and other digital infrastructure that is utilised; and accordingly plan and optimise.

People Up-Skilling

Implement demand-skill matrix to identify skill gaps, implement digital platform and plan various programs to up-skill people on emerging technologies with time bound and outcome oriented results.

Process Automation

Identify productivity leaks across various functions and implement automation techniques like RPA and SharePoint.

Innovation Culture

Run ideation sessions, hackathons and gamifaciton based events to collate new ideas, shortlist and present business case to implement innovation and improve efficiencies.

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    OUR Approach

    Failing fast is the need of the hour; we
    enable agile innovation.

    Our approach caters to the organization's long-term vision on how we
    can make the organization more efficient and productive. Here is the
    glimpse of our approach:

    Analyze current processes and infrastructure across business functions to identify productivity leaks

    Identify internal and external products available, shortlist relevant vendors and facilitate vendor on-boarding

    Identify automation prospects, modernization needs and ideate new products draw a digital strategy


    Why Bids and Beyond?

    Seasoned business analysts to ideate innovative solutions that boost productivity

    Save significant cost on unwanted digital infra or replacement of cost-optimal systems.

    Experienced team of RPA and SharePoint developers to foster efficiencies

    Strong industry knowledge of healthcare, technology, telecom, financial, services and education domain

    New thinking

    We will bring to you some insightful perspectives that give you access to
    effective information on proposal trends and best practices.

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