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We will bring to you some insightful perspectives that give you access to effective information on proposal trends and best practices. These blogs target the prevailing proposal needs, preferences and pain points companies face in developing inspiring proposals.

How does B2B sales look like in 2030?

How does B2B sales look like in 2030? A virtual walkthrough! When the new millennium began in the year 2000, almost everyone who watched ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ held their breaths that we might finally possess this technology to visit extraterrestrial life. Even though the predictions made came from a science-fiction cult classic, there’s no...

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Cloud – A Growth Accelerator in COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the global economy into working remotely overnight. However, it’s 2020, and enterprises are no longer dependent on physical networks and servers. Cloud computing has emerged as an essential technology to ensure that businesses and organizations don’t crack under this unprecedented pressure. Besides, containment efforts have disrupted the harmony between production...

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Healthcare vs. Pandemic: Where do we stand?

Healthcare vs. Pandemic: Where do we stand? Whether it’s the Spanish flu or COVID-19, viral pandemics are a grave threat to human health. While the world battles the deadly contagion, cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are giving a ray of hope to the global healthcare sector through the collection and...

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Scrum vs SAFe – A mindset to work collaboratively!

Scrum and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe): Collaborative ways of working It was in the spring of 2000 that a group of 17 developers introduced agile to ensure Faster Time-to-market with a quick collection of feedback and continuous improvement. However, it gained popularity in the IT and product development industry over the last ten years. While...

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Developing a compelling value proposition

Doing business essentially needs articulating the value of what we do, and promise of that value to be delivered to a potential customer. A clear motive of a value proposition is to present a blueprint of concrete reasons a prospect should buy a product or use a service from you. A value proposition is one of the most important conversion factors and unfortunately 54% of the companies do nothing to optimize it that kills conversions and sales....

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Bigdata adding value

Big bucks in big data? Are you winning enough bids in Big Data? When we hear the term ‘Big Data’- we hear- ‘Volume’ ‘Velocity’ and ‘Veracity’. Due to its three characteristics, it is more complex and demanding. It’s the next revenue reaping technology, not only for the big chunks but also for the small ones....

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Did you lay the groundwork?

There are several reasons for a proposal rejection but few are big bloopers. Nobody gets a second chance and so you can’t afford to miss your first shot. You heard about the opportunity and sent in a proposal, hoping that it would be the lowest bid. It’s dumb because if the prospect doesn’t know you, who you are, they are not going do business with...

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Are your proposals future ready?

Industry experts have already forecasted a wide range of disruptive proposal consulting and management trends for 2018 and beyond that are sure to bring a significant shift in the industry in the USA and the UK. Considering today’s shrinking budgets, the Federal Government procurement trends are also undergoing a dynamic change from the previous years. The best survival strategy for companies in such an environment is to radically adapt their own capture and proposal management strategies to...

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