Fueling sales funnel is a persistent process, and we accelerate it.

Transformation by Design

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Transformation that leads to growth.

Sales Readiness

Refresh go-to-market strategy and create a consistent sales process.

Sales Enablement

Create compelling sales content and develop value proposition like pitch packs, whitepapers, oral presentations and ROI scorecards.

Sales Automation

Save significant time on sales operations through sales and marketing process automation including Salesforce, Hubspot, or Zoho implementation.

Sales Execution

Accelerate on the ground sales activities as an extended team including Digital Marketing, Strategic Campaigns, Account Based Marketing, Targeted Database, one-one outreach and more.

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    OUR Approach

    Solving the sales struggle.

    We follow a customer-centric and integrated approach towards sales and
    marketing that caters to the transformation of your entire growth journey.


    • Go-to-Market Strategy
    • Forecasting & Planning
    • Recruiting right Sales talent
    • Partnership and Alliances
    • Sales Process Consistency


    • Targeted Database
    • Email Campaigns
    • Social Selling
    • Key Account Prioritization
    • Account Based Marketing
    • Large Deals Support
    • Performance Dashboards


    • ROI Realization Scorecard
    • Pitch Playbooks
    • Buyer’s Guide
    • Case Studies
    • Capability Documents
    • Thought Leadership Writing


    • Sales/Marketing Process Automation
    • Hubspot, Zoho or Salesforce


    Why Bids and Beyond?

    A mix of technical and business consultants with experience in GTM Strategy

    10+ years of individual experience in B2B marketing campaigns & strong sector insights in varied industries

    A right mix of content and creativity to articulate value proposition effectively

    Free proof of concept of Marketing Gap Analysis to identify the best strategy

    New thinking

    We will bring to you some insightful perspectives that give you access to
    effective information on proposal trends and best practices.

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