Our People

Our team comprises of highly knowledgeable, experienced proposal and growth marketing professionals. Our proposal team has an average of 12+ years of work experience with expertise in all functional areas of bid management. Several of our team members are APMP-certified with excellent technical writing skills and extensive knowledge of marketing strategies, marketing automation, UI/UX design consulting, thought leadership, and business analysis.

Some of the key roles in our Skills repository include:

Bid Coach

The Bid Coach acts as a Program Manager to coach the proposal team and actively participates in win theme war rooms to develop compelling win themes and key messaging for a proposal.

Our Bid Coaches have years of demonstrated experience in managing the bid process with the capability to deliver solutions to complex service opportunities. They are adept at cradle to grave bid campaign management starting from identifying opportunities to final project delivery. All along the way, they provide valuable input and feedback into opportunity qualification, bid/no-bid strategies, win strategies, commercial discussions, and solution design. They are fully conversant with the competitive marketplace, have sound business understanding, P&L, risk management skills, and can manage complex multi-work-stream opportunities. They also bring with them a solid understanding of internal governance procedures and their implementation. Their core responsibilities include:

  • Coaching the team on bid qualification decision for new opportunities
  • Contributing to win theme determination and development of key business messages
  • Helping shape the written proposal by bringing in business and industry insights
  • Reviewing the commercial aspects of the bid, ensuring all services are included in the final proposal to the customer
  • Tracking and managing risk throughout the bid process
  • Approving bid budget
  • Helping resolve complex technical, strategic, and business issues

Bid Analyst

From scanning through hundreds of active bids to finding the most relevant for your needs, and carrying out an extensive competitor and market research, our Bid Analyst is an invaluable resource for any client. A Bid Analyst provides the following services:

  • Analyzing Bids available on various government portals and classifying them by sector, target audience, size of the opportunity, and other factors.
  • Collating and analyzing relevant information to support bid development including in-depth analysis of business performance;
  • Researching a wide variety of industry and data sources;
  • Developing complex models to assess and forecast business performance;
  • Working with colleagues to evaluate business strategy;
  • Concluding findings and communicating ideas and recommendations through written and verbal presentations; and
  • Preparing bid documents.

Bid Writer

Our team of Bid Writers work under the supervision of the Bid Manager and assist in developing the proposal structure. They help translate the technical language from the solution team and SMEs into easy-to-understand, professional, and compelling business language. They specialize in writing effective, concise, and compelling technical content, presentations, and supporting documentation, ensuring a cohesive and consistent approach. Our Bid writers are adept at:

  • Writing proposal responses based on RFP/RFQ instructions, detailed information from subject matter experts (SMEs) and knowledge holders, and referring back to stakeholders for editing and final approval
  • Understanding the win themes and incorporating them effectively in different areas of the response document.
  • Effectively highlighting the value proposition and solution elements that make a winning proposal
  • Collating the input of disparate contributions to create a coherent and well-structured final response
  • Proof-reading, editing and structuring the response document, so it looks professional and meets the utmost quality standards.
  • Ensuring the timely creation and review of all bid collaterals
  • Packaging the solution in a manner that will support their marketing and attractiveness
  • Preparing response documents and presentations in the necessary formats and liaising with the creative team to design relevant and appealing graphics and style sheet templates.

Bid Manager


The Bid Manager treats each proposal as a project and runs it end-to-end. The bid manager is responsible for coordinating and developing the proposal response, flagging off by identifying and assembling the most effective bid team members needed to win. He/she then follows through the entire lifecycle of the project by sticking to challenging deadlines, networking across multiple teams and platforms, and working under pressure.

The role of a bid manager is challenging as it requires dynamism and the ability to provide solutions, meeting requirements to the team. Our accomplished bid managers are highly motivated, innovative, and pride themselves for their eye for detail, excellent communication skills, and effectiveness in delivering high-quality bids time and again. Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Owning the end-to-end bid process
  • Identifying and bringing together the right Bid team for the bidding underway.
  • Understanding and analyzing the Bid. Creating a proposal outline and briefing the team using this outline.
  • Organizing and running win themes, storyboarding & key message workshops and ensuring the resulting messages are baked into the written proposal.
  • Organizing and running in-depth Solution workshops to ensure the most appropriate and relevant solutions for each bid are effectively pulled together for the response.
  • Compiling, editing, and proofreading proposal responses and ensuring that these are presented professionally and concisely.
  • Reviewing and revising documents prepared by others and coordinating the preparation of those materials in a completed bid document.
  • Creating a Bid schedule for internal deadline and reviews, identifying risks, and building in redundancies to ensure that all document preparation and reviews are tracked and completed well within the deadline.
  • Developing reference materials and proper documentation to assist in the transfer of control back to the client after the Bid process is over.
  • Running post-Bid Analysis and document lessons learned from the Bid.

Solution Expert

The solution is the core, around which the entire proposal response is built. Our Solution Designers are highly skilled and experienced professionals with proficiency in their chosen fields, especially in Information Technology.

They carefully examine the business and technical requirements of the RFP and then define the right technical solution to address them competently. They stay current on the latest technologies and solutions in the industry to continually propose new and innovative solutions to complex challenges while ensuring customer’s business requirements are fully met. Some of the key responsibilities fulfilled by our Solution Designers include:

  • Reviewing RFP documents to understand the scope of work and customer needs to develop an overarching solution as part of the response.
  • Developing and writing technical responses for winning proposals
  • Developing technical approach and project engineering plans, including scheduling of tasks, processes, and identifying critical resources, to turn the solution into a successful proposal
  • Researching and assessing market-level technology trends as well as capabilities of complementary solutions enabling large-scale solution offerings
  • Determining how effort- and cost-intensive would the various components of proposal responses be and building the most cost-efficient and effective approaches. Developing the lifecycle cost models to support architecture decision trades. Supporting the accounting team in the sizing of revenue components and assumptions to develop revenue models.
  • Communicating solutions with target customers – top management and partners through presentations and white papers

BID Auditor

The Bid Auditor plays a very crucial role in the bid lifecycle covering all aspects of reviews and quality. Our Bid Auditors act as editors and reviewers throughout the proposal cycle and look at the proposal critically from the client’s perspective to ensure a high-quality client-centric bid is developed. They study the proposal in detail to ensure all requirements are met, messaging is consistent, and the final response is clean, concise, and compliant in every way.

Creative Analyst

Our Creative Analyst infuses life into text-heavy and drab proposals by refurbishing them with targeted graphics and incorporating our client’s brand statement in the responses. A Creative Analyst serves as a designer and conceptual artist by taking technical ideas from Solutions Designers and SMEs and visualizing these ideas into appealing infographics. The major responsibilities include:

  • Unifying the team’s perspective and goals with a single visualized solution
  • Understanding content and translating them into graphics that convey the message effectively
  • Creating plug and play templates and style sheets to enhance the brand recall value with judicious use of brand colors, fonts, and graphics on the cover page. Various sections of the response to give the document a consistent look and feel that is unique to our client’s response.
  • Tailoring proposals with sector-specific banners, icons, bullets, tables, etc. to make them attractive and relatable for clients.

Business Analyst

A part of our growth consulting service offering, our team of business analysts (BAs) bring years of profound experience in implementing technology solutions in various domains and industries such as IT, healthcare, government, security, energy, utilities, manufacturing, non-profits, etc.. They are well versed with the latest tools and technologies and provide technical solutions by gathering and managing technical specifications for product build. The BAs collaborate with product managers, UX designers, engineers, and other stakeholders to determine the product requirements.

Key responsibilities:

  • Identifying pain points and developing solutions to provide value to the customer
  • Providing vision and direction to the development team throughout the project
  • Ensuring the team is adequately equipped with tasks to be performed
  • Providing backlog management, iteration planning, and elaboration of the user stories
  • Assisting as a subject matter expert when needed
  • Working collaboratively across multiple teams
  • Overseeing and maintaining technical documentation

UI/UX Consultant

Our experienced UI/UX consultants will be responsible for the design and implementation of all user experiences when interacting with a digital tool, such as a website. The UI/UX Designer will work closely with our marketing team and designers to ensure seamless platform-independent designs (web and mobile) and the successful implementation of UI/UX best practices and principles across all our digital platforms.

Key responsibilities:

  • Gathering and assessing client requirements
  • Demonstrating design ideas using storyboards, process flows, and sitemaps
  • Designing graphic user interface elements, like menus, tabs, and widgets
  • Building page navigation buttons and search fields
  • Developing UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate the visual and functional elements of the site
  • Developing graphic designs, images, sketches and presenting ideas to the client
  • Adhering to client style standards on fonts, colors, and images to enhance brand recall value

We have hand-picked our team comprising of seasoned Bid Analysts, Bid Coaches, Bid Managers, Bid Writers, Solution Designers, Business Analysts and Creative Analysts with 10+ years of combined technical, business, functional and proposal management experience in diverse domains and industries for both federal and private sectors. We bring the proposal and subject matter experts directly to you who have the ability to transform your offering into a compelling proposal by developing win strategies and successfully managing your proposals from start to finish.

To help you win, we offer flexible team deployment models. Depending on your requirements and preference, we can either deploy a dedicated bid team to run your bid as a project from start to finish or provide individual experts to boost & enhance your existing bid team.

Once you choose to engage with us, our Bid Experts will work closely with you to understand your needs and organizational preferences and bring in the necessary tools and methodologies to help create an effective proposal. Our team is available to either work at your location or virtually, depending upon your preference.

As part of our Bid Solution, we offer Bid Search, Bid Strategy Creation, Bid Management, Solution Design, Bid Writing and Bid Packaging. We also provide Post-Bid Analysis, Transition Management (from bid to delivery) as a service at the end of a winning bid cycle. Through our growth consulting service offering, we employ UI/UX consultants that help transform your content to visually appealing proposal packages and business analysts that can assist with understanding the business/technical requirements of the RFP and help develop business solution to the RFP requests.